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Makia x Moominmamma Valley Shoulder Tote

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Makia x Moominmamma Valley Shoulder Tote

Kierrätysmateriaalista valmistettu Moominmamma by Makia -sarjan tote bag pitkillä olkahihnoilla.

  • 70% kierrätetty puuvilla, 30% kierrätetty PET
  • Sekä lyhyet kantohihnat, että pitkät olkahihnat


Moominmamma by Makia Clothing Company

Moominmamma is the backbone of the Moomin family. This calm and collected mother and the powerhouse of the Moomin family just wants everyone to be happy while juggling her duties in the eye of the storm. She believes in individuality and that people learn a lot from their mistakes. She does the heavy lifting and ensures that the Moomin house is always a safe and loving place. Finding solutions rather than pointing fingers, seeing the silver lining in every cloud. We feel like these are traits that shouldn’t go unnoticed. So as a tribute, we present you the Moominmamma collection.