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Nudie Re-use

Nudie Re-use Thin Finn Selvage - 32/34" I #0017

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This is a Nudie Re-use second hand product

Nudie Re-use Thin Finn
Organic Dry Heavy Selvage

Size 32/34"  

Happy days, it's a pair of moderately used dry selvage Thin Finns in a highly sought after size. These will make someone happy as a hippo. 

So we are dealing with a 13,25 ounce Turkish selvage denim. The fabric actually doesn't feel all that demanding, it's been really nicely broken in and it even has this natural stretch feel due to the technique it has been knitted with. Therefor this one will be ready to go, comfortable from the get-go and hey, it's a Thin Finn, one of coolest denims ever made. Cuff 'em good, wear them low and apologize to no one. 

Solid used conditions, no repairs. You can tell from the quite even tone that the pair has undergone a bunch of washes, but it looks good! 

Nudie Thin Finn is slim straight denim with a higher back rise. It's an iconic Nudie style and it's not in the production anymore. There are some die-hard Thin Finn fans out there, for a reason. It's a great denim. 

100% cotton
13,25 oz Turkish selvage denim
Zip fly
- Waist 39,5cm
- Front rise 24,5cm
- Inseam 77cm

Nudie Re-use by INCH" pair #0017

Free repairs for life! 

Nudie Re-use buyers guide

The best way to buy a pair of jeans is to visit your local denim specialist, try the jeans on and make sure that you get a good fit and the right size for yourself. Bare in mind that the sizes do vary depending on the fit / fabric / manufacturer. 

With Nudie Re-use, we want to emphasize the importance of purchasing your jeans from a brick and mortar store with a help of professional staff. Buying jeans online is a tall task and often results into unnecessary returns and exchanges. 

Yet as there are numerous Nudie fanatics around the world, we do want to offer the possibility to purchase our lovely second hand Nudies from our webshop also. But we will always give our beloved brick and mortar customers a head start, by offering the Nudie Re-use drops in-store only for the first week from launch. 

Special terms apply to Nudie Re-use products when bought online. 


Purchasing a used pair of denims might be even more critical with the sizing issue!

Depending on the fabric, jeans might stretch in use, especially if they are worn in a tight size.

We have measured all of our Nudie Re-use jeans and the measurements are stated in each product. Please refer these measurements and maybe compare them to your old jeans.

Measurements are:
- Waist - flat on a table, without stretching the waistband
- Front rise - from crotch to top of the waistband in front
- Inseam - from crotch down to the hem

Please note also that if the waistband has stretch, it may affect the sizing a bit.

Shipping and returns

Special terms apply to Nudie Re-use products when bought online. 

Finland 6€
EU 20€
World 25€

- Returns at customers expense
- 15 days return time from receiving the product

Free repairs for life!

Nudie offers free repairs for its jeans for life!

Bring your (washed) Nudie jeans to your nearest Nudie repair shop / partner and they will be mended free of charge.

Nudie Re-use program

Hand in your used or unwanted Nudie jeans and we will grant you a 20% discount for a new pair of Nudies.

Your trade-in jeans will be mended and resold as Nudie Re-use jeans at INCH" denim store.