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Veja Campo Nubuck Babe - naisten tennarit

Normaalihinta 125,90€
Normaalihinta Alehinta 125,90€
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Veja Campo Nubuck Babe - naisten tennarit

Campo on yksi Vejan suosituimmista tennarimalleista. Nubuck Babe on valmistettu laadukkaasta nupukkinahasta ja viimeistely kauniilla mattaisen pinkillä sävyllä.

  • Korkealaatuista nupukkinahkaa
  • Valmistettu Brasiliassa
  • Normaali mitoitus

Product details in English

- Upper in Nubuck
- Panels made out of Nubuck & ChromeFree leather
- Logo V made of rubber and rice waste (22%)
- 100% organic cotton laces
- Tech inner lining (100% recycled polyester). Developed to acquire better resistance to friction and provide maximum comfort and flexibility thanks to its mesh structure
- Insole made of sugar cane (40%), organic cotton (12%), amazonian rubber (11%) & recycled E.V.A.* (11%)
- Vulcanized outsole made of rice waste (23%), amazonian rubber (19% ), recycled rubber (12%)
- Made in Brazil, in the region of Porto Alegre

Nubuck is made from grain leather. The upper part of the skin, which has the thickest fibres makes it soft, resistant and highly qualitative. This part is grinded or scraped to give it a soft and velvety appearance. It is also coated with water-repellent oils to protect the sneakers from light rain. Made in Brazil.

The ChromeFree leather is smooth and light. Coming from the farms located in the south of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), it undergoes an innovative tanning process where no chrome, heavy metals or dangerous acids are involved. By simplifying the tanning process, the use of chemicals and energy is limited, the use of water is reduced by about 40% and the use of salt by 80%. After tanning, the water is recyclable.